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Sunibm Group approach is to have a pool of specialized computer technology infrastructure provide to its clients on a dedicated or as-needed basis. organization maintains the intellectual talent to meet the explicit business objectives and growing needs of its individual client. Sunibm maintains an Offshore in India essentially to provide cost-effectiveness to its partners and clients around the globe.


Sunibm Group is leading organization of information technology.
Sunibm specializes in enterprise consulting, information technology solution and healthcare IT consulting for private and public sector. An efficient and future-proof computer technology is a key component of a viable technology as a business models are evolving rapidly. Today, there is need to control processes that business sector as costs rise and there is a requirement to manage the information that professionals need.


Our vision to excellence never ends - we always aim higher for our customers.
Sunibm Group take action with success in mind and focus on output, constantly finding new ways to discover and improve the our system, and we rigorously measure our progress and users. When customers choose sunibm, they are selecting an industry leader who will work tirelessly to achieve excellence in quality of our people, security and efficiency - for the better information technology of our customers and the entire industry.


Our commitment to people of information technology works sets us apart.
Sunibm Group hear time and again from people that they choose Sunibm Group for our follow-through and people-focused on technology services. Our customers are at the single touching of everything we do, and our success comes from their success. They benefit from Sunibm Group customized approach to their business and our ability to help them stay ahead of the changing digital technology.

What We DO
IT Services and solutions for your business enabling.

Sunibm Digitech technicians assist you via phone, remote session, or manpower visits. Quality base support and service provide  quickly.

Sunibm Digitech offers end-to-end Business Process Management services to help companies analyze, re-engineer, improve and automate business processes. We have a team of excellent Business Analysts and System Analysts who will interact closely with the client in reviewing and analyzing their business processes and workflows. In this close interactive process Digitech can document and suggest improvements to the workflow to make the process more efficient and also suggest automation strategy for manual processes with the right tools and methodologies. As part of Business Process Re-engineering we become involved in the design, improvement and implementation of integrated systems of people, processes, infrastructure and technology.

As ERP and Business Intelligence specialists, Sunibm offers an expanded portfolio of ERP solutions for Industry, healthcare, utilities and other organization. 

Sunibm Digitech offer a full suite of Information Technology services and solutions including but not limited to ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Implementation, Project Management, System Consulting, EAI (Enterprise Application Integration), Application Development, Migration & Re-Engineering, Business Process Management, Data Warehousing, Data Management, Business Intelligence, Application Maintenance, Networking and Support.

Sunibm Digitech takes pride in having an impeccable record of completing all its projects successfully whether it involved T&M (Time and Materials) based consulting engagements or full scale turnkey implementations which spanned and encapsulated the entire software development process from the stages of requirement definition, systems design, application development, to systems implementation and maintenance. We have more than ten years of proven track record of successfully delivering innovative business and technology services to numerous satisfied clients in business and industry.

Sunibm Groups is leading organization of Information Technology and unique services.

technology for simplicity

The Sunibm WebOnline is India’s leading organization to Domain name registration ,Create a Website ,hosting ,Maintenance and Support Service ,Corporate Email and SMS Services and Digital Marketing.

Sunibm Webonline
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The Sunibm Digitech is a highly regarded Information Technology organization founded in India. Since then Digitech has been providing a full range of innovative and cost effective IT services and solutions that focus on satisfying client needs worldwide.

The Sunibm vishvConnect is one of the India’s leading Cable Broadband service provider. It also provides Cable Television services through its wholly owned subsidiary – Sunibm vishvConnect, which is one of the largest Multisystem operator in India.


We offer a full suite of Information Technology services.

We offer services 

Unique Service

Innovative Technology Solutions

Business Process new

Sunibm Digitech offers end-to-end Business Process services to help companies analyze, re-engineer, improve and automate business processes.

Infrastructure Design DC

Companies are heavily dependent upon successful operation of their server, network and security for their mission critical business functions.

Development Solution ERP

Sunibm Digitech Develops custom website, business application software tailored to your strict business needs. Even solutions are available for a wide range of business applications

Corporate Training HIS

Sunibm Digitech provides customized knowledge transfer and end user training for our customers as per their special needs and demands.

Implementation Services Fully

Sunibm Digitech implementation Services are designed to help organizations relieve themselves of the day-to-day responsibilities of managing any IT project initiative

Supports Services SLA

Digitech has wealth of experience in providing application maintenance and support services. In maintaining applications we have improved systems’ performance by re-engineering the code and processes.

We help you design the business you want.

Empowering business users and putting them in a position to take decisions or make changes for efficient business practice.

Services Packages

Here are some orderable services in minimum cost.
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Book meeting slot of our consulting services and fill difference.

Building the Next Generation Support Services



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